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From danish exchange student to US stay-at-home mom!

Hello! I am so happy you are here and I'd love for you to know me, your trusted breeder, a little better. 

My name is Julie. I was born and raised on a coastal  town in Denmark. In 2016 I went to Milton Freewater, Oregon, as an exchange student and it changed my life forever. In High School, I met Landon, who is now my husband. We did the long distance relationship for 5 years, until finally in 2021 we got married. I packed up my belongings and moved to America to start a new and exciting life with the love of my life. 

Landon and I love to travel and spent the first year of our marriage traveling around America for his job. Now we live in wonderful Walla Walla Valley, with our fur babies and our 1 year old son! 

When I was a kid my parents asked me the classic question "Julie, what do you want to do when you grow up?". I told them that I wanted to marry a nice man and raise puppies. I never thought I would actually do it. But here I am, after tons of research and help from breeding experts, raising the most wonderful cavapoo puppies. I love matching my fur babies with their new families, making sure that each one goes to the best home!

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Why Choose Apple Valley Cavapoos?

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Cavapoo for sale in oregon, washington, Idaho

Small breeder 

I am and will always be a small breeder. I only have 2 momma dogs and I've made it a priority to breed quality, thriving puppies.  

Safe and loving home 

Our puppies grow up close along with us, attaching strong and loving connections. Our home is always filled with babies and kids, and our puppies grow up playing with them. 


Our cavapoo puppies are shedless and hypoallerginic, which makes them great family dogs in any home. 

Cavapoo for sale in oregon, washington, Idaho

Puppy NeoPar Vaccination 

Puppies are at the greatest risk of retrieving the fatal parvovirus from 6 weeks to 6 months. Therefor we always ensure extra safety for our puppies, by vaccinating them with the essential NeoPar-vaccine twice before they go home with new families. 

Good communication 

We want to have the best possible communication with our  "soon to be puppy parents", and work hard to match each puppy to the best suitable family. 

Healthy diet 

We feed our puppies high protein canine food, which is crucial for their muscle development. 


Cleo is our first dog, and she is absolutely wonderful! She has the sweetest personality, she’s so smart and a perfect fit for our family. We had a great experience adopting our puppy through Julie. She was available to answer all our questions, sent plenty of videos and photos (since we came from a great distance, we didn’t meet our pup until adoption day), and went above and beyond to make the whole process smooth and easy. Overall, I highly recommend Julie and her puppies to any family who wants a sweet, fun loving puppy to join the family! 
Cavapoo for sale in oregon, washington, Idaho

— Lindsey

Got questions? 

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Walla Walla Valley, WA

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